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Alki-raised singer/songwriter Allecia Clemons gets serious about kickstarting her new comedy CD

With her sturdy, yet angelic voice, evocative of Joan Baez, combined with her many no holds barred lyrics, Alki-raised singer/songwriter, Allecia Clemons presents an intriguing dichotomy. 

For example, in her 2007 release, "My F@?#ING THUNDER" (Not our edit. That is how she spells it) she forcefully, but pleasantly croons the track called "Hitler", an anti-war song, a response to Pres. George W. Bush stealing the 2000 election away from Sen. Gore, as she sees it, and the worry and grief mothers of soldiers experience. She said the song is also a response to the wrath the Dixie Chicks suffered in 2003 when their music was pulled from numerous country stations following reports that lead singer Natalie Maines said in a concert in London she was "ashamed the president of the United States is from Texas" as a criticism of the war in Iraq.

Clemons' CD was played on over 500 college radio stations in America.



Her most recent CD, "working shift joan" is about our struggling economy and working for low wages. The CD reads, "...All songs were done with just one take. It's raw, uncut, and wonderful. There are mistakes. There is also magic."

Clemons, a youthful 43, and a graduate of West Seattle High School and Evergreen State College, now lives in Burien. She has begun a fundraising campaign on KICKSTARTER for the cost of producing her comedy CD. It's title, "what's for lunch", is a whimsical song she sang about food items with residents at the now-closed Life Care Center of West Seattle where she was activities director in 2011 & '12.
While she said she loves the comedy of Mel Brooks, and is also a seasoned jokester, she will sing her lyrics as opposed to telling jokes. Her website, www.alleciaclemons.com, was visited by over 40,000 viewers in 2012 she said.

Clemons' songs are autobiographical, and some comic relief could prove cathartic, both for her and the listener. She has experienced hard times like many in this tough economy in recent years.