I am asking for help with my rent and utilities. My Labor and Industries claim manager has denied me time loss benefits-I am working less hours due to the extreme fatigue and muscle pain I have from co vid 19. My rent is late-enough said. I really don't have a lot of respect for systems in place that are supposed to help people-that refuse to help. In many other places around the world health care workers are being take care of.. In many other places around the world people are NOT dying of co vid 19 like in the U.S. right now.. In many places around the world African American people are also respected and loved.. Black lives matter..  Thank you for your donation.



Asking for help.

Co vid 19 

so I got got vid 19 at my job- I was doing 1:1 visits with my guitar and the next day the whole unit in the nursing home was evacuated to the hospital-positive for co vid 19. (My day job is as an activity director) I have been in bed for 2 months- with the after effects of the virus attacking my immune system-causing inflammation.... I was in the ER last Monday due to pleurisy chest pain. Been in the company of my fur family-2 cats and 3 dogs. Have a 4 month old puppy who I am working with.. he is a challenge with being sick..but so adorable.. 

I finally think I am starting to recover.. The news is very, very sad every day.. I am writing some songs about c0 vid 19. Who wouldn't with everything going on.

Wishing for humanity to heal and the co vid 19 to go away..

DO NOT GIVE UP... this horrible time in history will pass... 

staying strong folks... through the tears and pain...





Gig at Luna Cafe

Playing on Orcas Island

Doing some wonderful gigs again with my old friend Joel Gamble... got some great new tunes for ya!

Nothing but the truth...

I am currently treading water by writing songs after being in a domestic violence situation. It has taken me years to get my music back and my courage back after this experience. I am currently playing with several local musicians in the area to form a band for my next album. I have also received several grants from MUSICARES.. Thanks.. I appreciate the support...Will keep you updated... Sunshine...A-